IPR Online Course

New innovations take a lot of time and money. However, copying and modification are easy, especially in a digital environment. Therefore it is important to protect your expertise in the right and adequate way. Intellectual property rights encourage creativity and help protect financial investments.

IPR Online Course, Tuesday 29th November 2022, 9.00-16.00

Intellectual capital can be protected by different forms of protection known as intellectual property rights (IPR). Intellectual property rights include e.g. copyrights, trademarks, patents, utility models, design rights and domain names. Intellectual property rights are of great importance for companies, universities and other higher education institutions since intellectual property rights constitute significant assets. The training handles utilisation of intellectual property rights in the operations of companies, universities and other higher education institutes.


Introduction to intellectual property rights

  • Presentation and comparison of different IPR
  • Protection of innovative work by IPR
  • Why is it important to protect intangible assets?


Copyright protection for creative work

  • Works protected by copyright
  • Exploitation of copyright in business activities
  • Copyright in reasearch work
  • Copyright and employment relationship


Patent and inventions

  • Patent protection for inventions
  • Utility model for inventions
  • Exploitation of patents and utility models


Intellectual property rights and contracts

  • Research agreements and intellectual property rights
  • Different ways for commercialisation
  • Transfer of technology and licensing agreements


To whom?

  • Business Directors and Managers
  • Researchers
  • Personnel of universities and other higher education institutions



The trainer of this online course is legal counsel Jenni EromäkiShe specializes in contract law, IPR law and marketing law. (Read Jenni’s blog: Protection of creative work by intellectual property rights.)



The price of the course is 390 € + VAT (24 %) per person.



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29th November 2022
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